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New LP 'Municipality Of Marionettes' Out!

Out soon:
"At The Mountains Of Paranoia" CD from Turgid Animal. New full length album on CD.

Cloama/Mutant Ape split 7" out now!
Available from our mailorder or Turgid Animal Records among others.

Cloama live @ Bunker in Providence, USA
12 November 2009. w/ Diagram A, Nature Abuse, Kintaan, plus a few more.

Cloama 'Lernaean Catacomb Complex' tape C52 finally available. This one is an album length release. Brand New tracks + live in Oulu. Limited to 199x. Released by Eerratic Sporadicism Tapes. Picture

Cloama+Blutleuchte "s/t" CD out now. Re-issue of first CDR. Now on CD with 12 page booklet with new artwork and short story. Ltd. 300x. Released by Anima Arctica.

Cloama+Blutleuchte will provide live music to 35mm projection of the movie 'H?xen' (Benjamin Christensen, 1922) at Cinema Tapio, Joensuu.
Cinemare festival 7-8 November, more info.

Cloama+Blutleuchte 'Convoluted in Peripheral Sacrifice' C60 out now!
Order from bands or Freak Animal!

Next releases out soon:

Cloama 'Death Certificate' 7"
Cloama 'Lernaean Catacomb Complex' C55
Cloama+Blutleuchte 's/t' CD (Re-issue of old CDR)
Cloama+Blutleuchte 'Convoluted in Peripheral Sacrifice' C60

Cloama 'In The State Of Unbelief' 7" and 7"+c10 Boxset released by Cipher Productions.

Cloama live in Oulu 21.8.2007

Out now: Cloama+Blutleuchte 'From Wasteland Mausoleums' CD (New Old Sentinel). Also C+B T-shirts available.

Cloama 'Blood Illumination' C20 released by Chondritic Sound.

Cloama+Gelsomina "The Duellists" CD out NOW!

Cloama T-Shirt! You can see the design and Order from Misanthrope Studio. (Also soon available from our Mailorder)

Forthcoming Cloama releases:
Cloama+Gelsomina "The Duellists" CD
Ultra limited Cloama 7"+C10 set to be released by Cipher Productions

Cloama live in Helsinki, December 2. @ La Bas

Out today: Cloama+Blutleuchte "s/t" CDR from New Old Sentinel

Out today: Cloama "s/t" CD!

New Old Sentinel - A Subdivision of Neuroscan.Org presents:
Cloama "s/t" CD
Cardboard styled full color cover in A5 plastic sleeve. Edition of 500x
Order now!

Out now (Freak Animal Records):

Cloama "Revisionist Knowledge" CD
Grunt/Cloama "Nausea of Humanity" CD

You can order these from our mailorder


Cloama+Blutleuchte "s/t" CDR (New Old Sentinel)
Cloama "Blood Illumination" C20 (Chondritic Sound)

Cloama+Blutleuchte Live at Kiasma 17.4.2005.

Cloama live in London 1.10.2004. More info here

Cloama Live at Turun Klubi 11.9.2004. More info here

Cloama Live at Marks Joensuu 14.4.2004

New Cloama MP3 Added!

Cloama "Neuroscan Organization" LP
(Death Industrial. Limited edition of 400 copies. 50 copies of edition in special package will also be available from Blade Records) Out NOW!!

Cloama/Omei/Valence "Decay, Decline, Destruction" CD Primitive Air Raid's first release, a 3-way split CD between Cloama (FIN), Omei (USA) and Valence (CAN) entitled "Decay, Decline, Destruction". Thomas Dimuzio of Gench Studios has completed final mastering of the project. Out now!

Provokaattori 7" EP Limited to 500. (LSDO)

Email us for availability of these releases, also wholesale prices!